Our People

Board of Directors

Bret Barnes, PhD
Chairman of the Board, Sr. Bioinformatics Scientist, Illumina

Illumina’s Infinium Methylation BeadChip platform has been established as the workhorse of epigenetics studies under Mr. Barnes 15+ years as the platform’s lead bioinformatics scientist. Mr. Barnes has extended the platform’s applications to cancer, aging, and host-immune response prediction of SARS COV2. He holds many patents for microarray technology and is well-published in genomics and epigenomics peer-reviewed scientific journals. He holds a Bachelor of Science in bioinformatics from UC Santa Cruz with an emphasis on protein structure prediction.

Murdoc Khaleghi MD MBA, Director

Dr. Murdoc Khaleghi has launched a series of successful health technology companies that focus on using diagnostics to improve individual health and industry financial outcomes. He has published nine books, primarily on disease prevention. He holds degrees in medicine, bioengineering, computer science, and business from UC San Diego, Columbia University, UC Berkeley, and the University of Pennsylvania.

Andrew J. Poole,
Non Executive Director, FOXO Technologies Inc

Andrew J. Poole has over 18 years of diversified investment experience. Mr. Poole was the Chief Investment Officer of Tiberius, a blank check company which went public in March 2018. Upon the closing of Tiberius, Poole joined the board of IGI and has also been serving as an investment consultant at The Gray Insurance Company. Prior to Tiberius, he held executive and consultant roles in numerous insurance and investment companies including Scoria Capital Partners, Diamondback Capital Management, and more. Mr. Poole is a graduate of The George Washington University.

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