Improving Life Insurance Underwriting with Molecular Biotechnology

Developing a comprehensive underwriting solution and consumer engagement platform for the longevity industry based on
scientific innovation and insights into molecular health & wellness.


Our Approach

Epigenetic technology is poised to play a foundational role in underwriting for the global longevity industry. The same technology that is transforming healthcare with precision-based diagnostics and therapeutic medicine is positioned to drive the evolution of longevity underwriting.

At FOXO, we are committed to developing new molecular tests for underwriting assessments based on the science of epigenetics. As pioneers in this space, we are focused on leading the discovery, development, and integration of this technology into a next-generation underwriting protocol and consumer engagement platform that uses epigenetic biomarkers to assess individual health and wellness, and epigenetic clock technology to estimate biological aging and all-cause mortality.

Risk classification using epigenetic signatures to identify tobacco use in assigned underwriting classes.

Our Life Insurance

We are building epigenetic technology that puts the “life” back in life insurance. By shifting the focus from death to life benefits, we are able to offer molecular insights into individual health and wellness that empower people to proactively improve the length and quality of their lives.


Key Benefits

Our next-generation underwriting protocol and consumer engagement platform will allow the longevity insurance industry to provide more customized rates based on individual health and wellness, while also incentivizing consumers to make choices that will improve the length and quality of their lives.

In addition to gaining market-share and growth within existing distribution channels and opening new markets, our triaged underwriting process:

  • Enhance underwriting efficiency and effectiveness
  • Improve the customer sales journey with a non-invasive saliva collection
  • Enable agent distribution professionals to sell more life insurance products, faster
  • Offer new health and wellness engagement opportunities that can improve policyholder health, lifespan, and persistency

Our Science

Our science is focused on analyzing epigenetic biomarkers that distinguish differences in individual health and wellness and are efficacious in preferred underwriting classes.








2019 Pilot Study Parallel Run Underwriting Infographic
Epigenetic Signatures for 52 Clinical Blood Chemistries, Tobacco, Alcohol, Drug Use, Underwriting Risk Classifications, and new biological clock measures.

The Science of Epigenetics 

Applying the “epigenetic clock” technology towards the longevity insurance industry and using epigenetic biomarkers to measure individual health and wellness has enabled us to develop an underwriting paradigm shift that moves away from fluid-less to using saliva. This process is set to improve underwriting efficiency, mortality experience, and consumer engagement while enhancing protective value.

So, what exactly is epigenetics?

  • Unlike genetics which are fixed at birth and inherited from one’s parents, epigenetics change over one’s lifespan and are influenced by lifestyle behaviors and environmental factors.
  • Genes determine one’s ancestry, gender, hair and eye color, and risk of disease; whereas the epigenome fluctuates based on tobacco and alcohol use, drugs of abuse, stress and aging, and current disease states.
  • Epigenetic biomarkers are identifiable patterns of methylation that relate to current states of health and disease classifications determined by traditional underwriting.

Learn more about the “epigenetic clock” developed by Dr. Steve Horvath of UCLA.

Steve Horvath at TEDxBerkeley

In this TED Talk, Steve Horvath discusses how epigenetic clocks are helping to find anti-aging treatments

What is the Epigenetic Clock?

Learn more about the epigenetic clock–from its inception to current applications, including theories of aging.

Reversing the Body’s Epigenetic Clock

A clinical study recently concluded that it may be possible to reverse the body’s epigenetic clock, used to measure molecular age.

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