FOXO offers bioinformatics services for DNA methylation microarray projects, leveraging the latest in preprocessing technology to propel your study forward.

What to Expect

Expertise: Know-how to perform reliable preprocessing and quality control analysis on DNA methylation microarray data.

Scalability: Whether your project consists of 10 samples or 10,000, our experienced team will handle your data with care.

Thoroughness: We will apply our expert-developed pipeline to your data to reduce artifactual detection and extract signal intensities.

Transparency: Your completed project will include output files from every step in our workflows, so that you have complete visibility into the lifecycle of your data.

Flexibility: FOXO offers bioinformatics services for human and mouse DNA methylation profiling, whether you are using a custom or pre-built microarray.


Through our promise of thoroughness, transparency and expert analysis, you can expect the best from FOXO.

Our standard bioinformatics analysis includes a methylome-wide association study using any phenotypic data that you wish to provide.
Our experts can analyze thousands of data samples through our expert-developed pipeline and cutting edge technology.
All results, including data, tables and visualizations, will be delivered at the completion of the project.
Custom analyses may be available upon request.

Base Offering

Pricing available upon request. Additional custom analyses and consultations may be also available upon request. Our bioinformatics professionals also have a range of experience including epigenome wide association studies (EWAS) and machine learning.   Expert consultation on your specific project needs Extracting your raw data from binary IDAT files Pre-processing and normalizing your methylation data Performing standard quality control analyses Creating a detailed summary report about your project Delivering a ready-to-use analytical datase

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