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Putting the life back into life insurance

If you could live better longer, while also securing your financial future, why wouldn’t you? With FOXO LIFE, you can. We’re offering the first ever life insurance product to give you a personalized longevity and wellness report, based on the science of epigenetics. Step into your future, today.*

Making longevity accessible to all

Protecting the people you love is important. So is staying alive and healthy to make memories with them. At FOXO, we’re on a mission to help you do both. Because that’s how you build a lasting legacy.

Get a quote for up to $10 million in coverage
If approved for a policy, receive actionable epigenetic health insights
Uncover your biological age and rate of aging
Powered by next-gen science & technology

Powered by science

Harnessing the power of epigenetic technology.