The FOXO Mission

Reimagining the future of underwriting and supporting the growth of the global life insurance market with a next-generation protocol and consumer engagement platform focused on molecular health and wellness.


We are a team of professionals whose expertise covers entrepreneurial growth, longevity underwriting, molecular biology, machine learning, computer programming, and operational fulfillment.

Leadership Team

Jon R. Sabes, Founder & CEO of FOXO BioScience

Jon R. Sabes

Founder & CEO

Brian Chen, PhD, Chief Science Officer at FOXO BioScience

Brian Chen, PhD

Chief Science Officer

Randy Olson, PhD, Chief Data Scientist at FOXO BioScience

Randy Olson, PhD

Chief Data Scientist

Chelsie Ellingson, Director of Marketing at FOXO BioScience

Chelsie Ellingson

Director of Marketing

Steve Sabes, PhD, Chief Operating Officer at FOXO BioScience

Steve Sabes, PhD

Chief Operating Officer

Michael Will, Senior Counsel at FOXO BioScience

Michael Will

General Counsel

Tyler Danielson

Chief Technology Officer

Manny Ahuja

Director of Sales Operations

Robby Potashnick

Chief Financial Officer


  • Weiye Wang, PhD
  • Marc Maxmeister, PhD
    Senior Software Engineer
  • Mike Siers
    Sr. Python Software Engineer
  • Nichole Rigby
    Bioinformatics Data Scientist
  • Maegan Johnson
    Clinical Research Program Manager
  • Lisa Pham, PhD
    Data Scientist
  • Albert Higgins-Chen, MD
    Data Scientist


  • Bill Moore
    Chief Underwriter
  • Mary Messina
    Director of HR and Organizational Development
  • George Liu
    Insurance Product Manager


  • Taylor Fay
    Director of Product Management
  • Jennifer Hubbell
    Director of Administration and Accounting
  • Brenda Lidke
    Financial Analyst
  • Cathy O’Brien
  • Tim Juang
    Associate Analyst
  • Carrie Rivard
    Office Administrator


  • Tony Melton
    Creative Director
  • Aisha Branch
    Marketing & PR
  • Hannah Andersen
    Sr. Content Strategist
  • Aaron Lee
    Client Services Manager
  • Glendon Gengel
    Senior Web Developer
  • Ashley Haugen
    Content Contributor

Advisors & Collaborators

Morgan Levine, PhD
Yale School of Medicine

FOXO ADVISOR: Epigenetics, Aging, Epidemiology
Mark Hug
Paradigm Partners International

FOXO ADVISOR: Longevity Industry, Insurance Distribution
Maria Ferrente-Schepis
Maddock Douglas

FOXO ADVISOR: Longevity Industry, Consumer Research
Connie Tsao, MD
Harvard School of Medicine

FOXO CONSULTANT: Medical, Cardiology, Epidemiology
Wanding Zhou, PhD
Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

FOXO COLLABORATOR: Bioinformatics, Epigenetics
Jacob Schreiber, PhD
University of Washington

FOXO CONSULTANT: Data Science, Machine Learning, Epigenetics
Martin Mumenthaler, PhD
Stanford University

FOXO CONSULTANT: Study/Trial Execution, Substance Abuse
John Belletiere, PhD
University of California, San Diego

FOXO CONSULTANT: Physical Activity/Fitness, Epidemiology
Ben Nguyen

FOXO CONSULTANT: Physical Activity/Fitness, Epidemiology
Ray Anton, MD
Medical University of South Carolina

FOXO CONSULTANT: Substance Abuse, Biomarkers