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Who we are

Pioneers in the development and integration of epigenetic technology

Our team is united by a mission to transform human health and expand the promise of longevity. We’re proud to be a team of trailblazers applying science, technology, art, and business to build a better future.

Expert Team

Proven leadership in insurance, longevity science, health, and technology.

Tyler Danielson

Interim CEO & CTO

Brian Chen, PhD

Chief Science Officer

Robby Potashnick

Chief Financial Officer

Jim Grauel, Jr.

Chief Distribution Officer

Susan Neo

Chief Security Officer
Scientific Advisory Board
Peter Laird, PhD
Van Andel Institute (VAI)
Hui Shen, PhD
Van Andel Institute (VAI)
Bret Barnes, PhD
Illumina, Inc.
Consumer Health  
Murdoc Khaleghi, MD