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What We Do

We are pioneering the discovery and commercialization of epigenetic biomarkers for the customers we serve.

Supervised maching learning is applied to epigenetic signatures and DNA methylation analysis.


Bioinformatics and artifical intelligence technologies are applied to Epigenetic Signatures and DNA Methylation Analysis.

Longevity Insurance




Why We Do It

Pioneering Epigenetics Technology with Supervised Machine Learning is the Key to Understanding Human Biology.

That maturation of genetic sequencing technology platforms, coupled with emerging artificial intelligence (AI) and bioinformatics tools is allowing us to understand human biology in ways never imagined.

We specialize in discovering and understanding the role epigenetics, or gene expression, plays in individual health, wellness, and aging. We provide services and tools to the industries we serve in order to improve human health.

While a person’s underlying genetic code is stable throughout life, the mechanisms that drive their gene expression is a rapidly evolving science. We look at how DNA methylation relates to specific aspects of health, wellness, and aging. Our epigenome is the combination of natural and environmental modifications that imprint biomarkers to leave a unique biography of an individual’s health and wellness history.

How changes to the human epigenome can cause genes to express in a way that causes chronic illness and disease.
Smoking tobacco is a leading cause of cancer
Stress promotes Cardiovascular Disease
Obesity can cause genes to express as Diabetes
Diet & Exercise can increase/decrease Disease States

How We Do It

We identify epigenetic biomarkers along the epigenome by applying advanced automated machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies to create predictive models that correlate epigenetic profiles with states of health, wellness, disease, and aging. 

We ensure our data is prepped, quality-checked, and organized via custom bioinformatics pipelines to ensure reliable analyses.  

We support high throughput human and mouse epigenetic methylation and DNA array testing through CLIA certified laboratories.

Who We Serve


We develop epigenetic technologies that are supporting researchers with new tools and analyses.


Longevity Insurance

We are creating a next-generation underwriting protocol that eliminates blood and urine specimen collection while improving accuracy.


Our Ecosystem

We collaborate with some of the nation’s leading bioscience and biotechnology companies, academic institutions, and science education organizations to develop cutting-edge epigenetic technology.

Follow our CEO, Jon Sabes’ approach to longevity and legacy.


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Epigenetics & Longevity in the Media

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In this TEDxBerkeley Talk, Dr. Steve Horvath of the University of California, Los Angeles explores how epigenetic clocks are currently being used to discover anti-aging treatments.

Follow along on our journey to transform the global longevity insurance industry.

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