The next paradigm shift

There are moments in time when innovation is so radical, the course of civilization is forever changed.

Smart phones

This is the biological century.

The rapid maturation of DNA sequencing, AI, and machine learning is transforming our understanding of biology.

Advancements in optimizing human longevity are among the most promising. We’re on a mission to empower people to live better, longer, own their data and control their future.

Age is only a number.

Epigenetic technology provides novel insights into aging and disease. Biological clocks use epigenetic markers to accurately estimate a person’s true internal age and rate of aging—which may tell a different story than the calendar. Our daily life choices, from food to sleep and relationships, all impact our biological age.

DNA methylation

Segments of your DNA are turned on or off by the process of methylation, resulting in changes to how your genes are expressed. This is an epigenetic process.

Changes over time

Unlike genes, which are inherited from your parents and fixed from birth, the epigenome is dynamic and can change over time.

Lifestyle and environmental factors

Epigenetics is a dynamically shifting aspect of your biology that can react to lifestyle choices such as diet and exercise, as well as environmental factors like air pollution and sun exposure.

Science & Technology

We’re harnessing epigenetic science to make longevity accessible to all.

Advanced machine learning examines thousands of models to find patterns of DNA methylation that measure human health, wellness, disease, and aging. Our data is prepped, quality-checked, and organized via custom bioinformatics pipelines.

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Life insurance, reimagined.

Using saliva-based epigenetic technology, we’re changing how insurance companies underwrite and sell their products. We offer new insights into disease and aging that will revolutionize underwriting and mortality prediction, while eliminating the need for invasive, time-consuming blood testing.